Player Dues

Running a competitive high school baseball program is incredibly expensive - our average annual budget is approximately $100,000! This includes practice/game baseballs, field/facility upkeep & improvements, player uniforms, player swag packs, umpires (YES, we have to pay for our own umpires!), coach training, field maintenance equipment, training equipment, concessions supplies, team meals, travel expenses, and more! All coaches also receive a supplement payment at the end of every season, as allowed under GHSA rules, as compensation for the extraordinary amount of time they spend over practices and games, away from their families and outside their normal full-time teaching jobs.

Player dues are an integral part of fundraising for the DHS Baseball Program, accounting for 50% or more of the program's annual income. It is important for all players to pay their dues on time (every January) so that all of the program's financial needs can be met. Currently, player dues are in the amount of $1200 and are payable directly to the DHS Dugout Club.

The amount you pay toward your dues can be offset by acquiring sponsorships for the program on the behalf of your player. Half of all your sponsors' contributions go toward reducing your dues! For example, if you get a $1000 sponsor, half ($500) goes toward your dues, reducing your balance to $700. Sponsorships for your player are the best way to reduce your dues, we've had many players reduce their balance completely down to ZERO through acquiring sponsors! See the Sponsorships page for more info.

Any questions regarding dues should be directed to the DHS Dugout Club Board using the form below.

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